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Almost 90% of the people in the world are familiar with the World Wide Web and the town Browser. The web browser is a software application that helps the user access information that is available on the World Wide Web. Each individual web page, image, video and any other thing in world wide web can be identified by a distinct and unique URL (a uniform resource locator which is called as a web address) it specifies the location of a resource on a computer network and also helps in retrieving it.

A web browser is different from a search engine, most of the people are always confused with both. Let me explain the difference, the search engine is just a web page, for example, is a search engine because it’s a web page, it stores searchable data about other websites. But the browser is something which is required to connect to a website server and display its page. That means you need to have a browser installed on your device to connect to a webpage.

Chromium Browser

Chromium,chromium Browser

Chromium Web Browser

Some of the most popular browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and edge. In this article let’s know about the Chromium web browser, a brief history of it, how to download chromium and how it works.

Chromium browser is Google’s open source web browser project. Being an open source web browser the code for chromium is developed by many people around the world why the people at Google try to make it better. You may have heard about chrome Google which is the best leading browsers in today’s world. Chromium can be regarded as the base for Google Chrome.

Let’s answer some of the questions the people have in mind while downloading chromium:

The Google Chrome version you can now see is the upgraded, proprietary and closed source bits added by people of Google to the basic chromium to make Chrome. That means chromium is always a subset of Google Chrome. It has all the features of chromium but chromium doesn’t have all the features of Chrome. This browser is available for both Windows and Mac. It exactly looks like cool Chrome on the surface but has different features below its hood.

Can you run Chromium and Chrome on the same system?

Yes, you can run Chromium and Chrome on the same system, don’t need to uninstall Google Chrome in order to install chromium. Both will work differently and can also be run at the same time for different things without any issues.

chromium Malware?

No, chromium is not a Malware most of the people fear this because the open source code of chromium can be tweaked according to the users, for most of them this is a reason for concern. Many of them often mistake it for Malware because it crashes and shows other types of undesired behavior. Let me tell you it’s perfectly alright for chromium to behave this way as it is inherently less stable than Chrome. So, crashes more often and can exhibit doubtful behavior. Hence, downloading it from a reputable source means your browser is safe.

Is it chromium secure?

Yes, chromium is very secure, because it has the same strength as Google Chrome. It even gets more security updates then Chrome very frequently. The only problem with chromium is that it cannot update itself as there is no automatic update feature. Chromium relies on the user of this software to download fresh versions on their own.

You need to know and download the new version immediately after its realized or there is a chance that you might be running a very you older version of chromium without even realizing it. This poses a security threat. Irrespective of this if you download all the updates regularly google chromium doesn’t pose any security threat.

How to get rid of chromium?

If you download chromium from a reputable source then uninstalling chromium from your devices is pretty easy. It is as easy as installing any other App from your device.

Steps to uninstall chromium on Windows 10:

Step 1: Press the windows key + s

Step 2: Type uninstall

Step 3: Click add or remove programs

Step 4: Locate chromium and click install.

Steps to uninstall chromium on Mac:

Step 1: Click finder on your mac dock.

Step 2: Look for chromium and right click on it.

Step 3: Finally, just Click move to trash.

How to know if chromium is affected with Malware?

If you find it very difficult or unable to wipe off or uninstall chromium from your device then you may have malware disguised as chromium on your device. Are there is a chance that a version of chromium has been modified with malicious code?

What are the browsers that run on the chromium source?

Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Vividly, Brave, epic, and many other small scale browsers.

The advantages of chromium Browser:

  • Chromium can access all of the Chrome extensions. All extensions available in the Chrome web store can be downloaded and installed for use on chromium.
  • Google helps in the development of chromium.
  • Constant and regular security patches are provided for download
  • Chromium supports JavaScript, CSS bugging and code formatting.
  • Open source software does not have proprietor codecs.
  • It contains almost all the features of Google Chrome
  • You can test your products first and chromium before rolling them out for Chrome

Download Chromium for Windows 10 & Mac OS:

Chromium is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is very easy to download them from the respective devices.

chromium,chromium browser,chromium download

Chromium Web Browser

Go to the official website of Chromium and click on download.

The site will automatically recognize your device and will start downloading according to the device OS. Once you download the application. Install it according to your operating system.

It is not available in the windows app store you need to download it from the internet. Download link is being given below and available for both 32bit and 64bit versions as well.

Download Link

Steps to follow

  • Click the link and the download will start automatically
  • Once the download finishes
  • Double click on the .exe file
  • Press ok for the permissions
  • Follow the installer’s installation process
  • Once done click ‘finish”
  • Open the app
  • Your download is now ready to use

How to Download on Mac OS?

  • The software is unavailable in the app store so you need to download them.DMG file and install it from the internet.
  • Go to the official website or the link below t download them.DMG file double click on it and install it by giving it necessary permissions.

Download Link


Chromium Browser is a subset of Chrome. If you want to do any experiments on browsers you can install chrome and work on it and also work as a developer for Chrome by working for chromium and also find out bugs and report them to Google. we can also test developing skills on chromium by altering the source code of chromium.

With the help of this browser also develop a new web browser with the source code of chromium without having the need to build it from scratch since; chromium is open source software.

Thank you for going through the entire article. Hope this has been helpful to you. For more articles regarding web browsers please visit our website frequently. Thank you, have a nice day!

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