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Ghost Browser you may have or may not have heard about this browser but this browser exists and is making millions of life organized and helping people do their jobs with less stress. If you are someone working on the internet for different clients you would know how painful it is to segregate each and every client profile differently in your Browser, and you also have your personal details in your browser.

Managing all the stuff in a single Browser is literally painful and it also consumes how was of your time daily. This browser comes with a dialogue that says the web browser that makes you more productive. To stay true to its statement the productivity for technology professionals is here help you focus on your work.

Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser,ghost.ghost download

Multiple accounts in a single window

For most of the people who do casual browsing on the web are very much satisfied with normal web browsers. But for people who rely on web browsers to do part of their work on the internet need a powerful Browser that helps them lessen the shortcomings.

It is very hard to manage multiple accounts on one single site; due to cookies, you are always limited to one single identity at a time at a particular website. The system has only one IP address does limiting your work. Your Regular browser has too much advertising and too many trackers that make it very difficult if you are someone working for several clients on the same platform because when you are working for several clients multiple accounts on the same website and sometimes you need to access them at the same time. Most of them use different browsers to do this particular task but ghost Browser is here to wipe away all your worries.

Because using this Browser you can log in to multiple accounts on a single site in the same Browser. Such are the advantages of Ghost Browser.

 Features :

  • It helps eliminate hours of simple organizing task tasks each week.
  • helps to keep daily tasks organized.
  • It will also help speed up completion of repetitive frequently occurring similar tasks.


When you automate tasks time-saving is an obvious advantage. Example, If you are looking to open your personal finances you need to have different tabs for each thing like rent, Bank, investments, utility extra. But using ghost Browser you can open all of the sites at one time and save them as a project titled my finances. From now on you will never need to open all those accounts by yourself once you open the project automatically opens the websites at once the saving a lot of time.


It will organize all similar types of files and work-related financial, social media, entertainment, Personal Finance, and all other things at a dedicated place for each one of them. This way at if you want to look at social media all Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all at one place.


Isolation concept in Ghost browser is each tab has its own cookies file which is isolated all other tabs. A cookie from the single tab has nothing to do with other tabs. So, you can use multiple accounts on a single website using ghost Browser. Since all the tabs are independent and have their own cookies. You can also isolate your different work accounts and save them as projects. So when you need to open other client’s websites, you simply need to click on the particular project of his.

With all this and other features, ghost browser is a real boon to people working on the web with many accounts and different clients.

You can import all your Google Chrome settings and extensions in under 2 minutes. It works for Windows and Mac OS, It has chromium open source software which is backed up by many developers and is very secure with regular security patches.

Ghost Browser download,Ghost Browser,ghost Browser windows

Easy to access all the accounts form a single app

Ghost Browser for Android:

In Normal browsers cookies are all saved at one place. All the cookies separated from all the tabs in the browser are saved at one place. If you want to login to a website with a different username.It says you are already logged in and does not a love you to open multiple accounts. All this is because of the cookies that let the browser know that one account in that website is already open.

Ghost Browser is unavailable for Android devices reason alternative called Ghost Browser. You can download it and use it.

How to Download for Windows:

Ghost Browser is available for windows you can download it from the below link on the official website.

The download link is being given below. It is available for both 32bit and 64bit versions as well.

Download Link

Steps to download the file in windows:

  • Click the link and the download will start automatically.
  • Once the download finishes.
  • Double click on the .exe file.
  • Press ok for the permissions.
  • Follow the installer’s installation process.
  • Once done click ‘finish”.
  • Open the app.
  • Your download is now ready to use.

Download for Mac OS

For Mac OS is available and you can download it from the below link on the Official website of Ghost Browser. You can download a the.DMG file and install it.

  • Double click on the the.DMG file.
  • And Again Click on install.
  • Allow required permissions.
  • Press finish.
  • Your app is now installed and good to go.

Download Link


Ghost Browser is one of the very few browsers with no advertisements and they look after the productivity of their users. If you are someone handling public relations, websites or social media you will definitely feel very happy to have this browser on your device. It is mostly and exclusively available for Windows PC and Mac OS devices. And if you are someone working on websites on the internet then this browser is for you.

Note :

I would recommend it hands down than any other browser for you because this browser is tailor-made for people who work on the internet. Millions of companies around the globe are using this browser to boost the productivity of their employees and even you can join them creating a productive environment in your work life.

Thank you for going through the entire article. Hope this has helped you. For more articles regarding web browsers keep visiting our website. Have a great day!

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