Smule on Pc: The Smule app fits the perfect description of a virtual karaoke set. Smule is a popular Online application where you can sing along with the lyrics displayed on your mobile phone screen. You can do a lot of other various things in the Smule app which includes adding cool sound effects, record videos, sing duets with friends and colleagues.

Smule for PC

The Smule app was initially launched under the name of Sing! Karaoke. They got evolved and started offering duets from Disney movies and thus garnered a lot of attraction. It was the app that CNET quoted as the “the biggest music app you haven’t heard of”.

smule app for pc,smule for windows
smule for windows pc

The smule app now covers a whole lot of areas where you can perform duets alongside top international artists and pop singers. Smule was previously available as a mobile app for Android phones but nowadays you can run it in your Windows PC as well. Thanks to the emulators now you can download almost all the apps present in the play store and can run it in your windows PC. Let us take a look at the features of the smule app.

Features of Smule for Windows PC

Covers almost every song: Smule has a database of almost all the songs you want to use for your karaoke session. It covers all the International songs, national songs, trending songs and much more.

User-friendly interface: The Smule app has got a user-friendly interface that helps you to slide through the list of the songs and helps you to choose a song for your karaoke very efficiently.

Comes with audio as well as video recording functions: Unlike other Karaoke apps, the Smule app helps you to sing along a song, record the audio and as well as video. You can record yourself in action while you are singing in the Karaoke.

Post-processing: Once you have finished recording your video, you can add filters and special effects to your videos. It will add an extra spark to your videos. Not only this, you can compress the video accordingly, so as to save some memory space on your device.

 Chat Forum and Newsfeed: This app comes with news feed and chat forums as well. Here you can see videos posted by other users and can also comment on it. Alternatively, you can post your creation as well. You can share those videos on other platforms as well.

Screenshots of smule app

download smule app for windows
Download smule app on pc


App Name Smule
Size Varies for device
License Free
Package com.smule.singandroid
Compiltable Android, Windows, and iOS
Category Audio
Language English

How to Download Smule app on windows PC?

The smule app is mainly used in Android phones and tablets but nowadays you can use it in your PC as well. When you download the app for PC, you can view the same videos on a bigger screen. You can watch your recorded videos on a larger screen. The secret to using this app on your PC is by using an emulator. You can install an emulator on your PC and on that you need to install the Smule app to start using the Smule app on your PC.  TO download and use the Smule app, follow the steps given below:

  • Download the emulator.exe file on your PC. You can download any emulator of your choice. Also before downloading you need to figure out the configuration recommended for the Emulator as well for the emulator to run on your PC smoothly.
  • Once you have downloaded the emulator, you need to install it by following the instructions that follow on the screen.
  • Once it gets installed, use your Gmail id to login and configure the emulator for your PC. By logging in with a Gmail account you actually get access to the google play store from where you can easily download an app. Also, this is quite safer than downloading an app from external sources.
  • Search for Smule from Google play store and click on Install. Wait for few seconds for the app to get installed. If you find any difficulties while installing the app from the Play store, you can download the apk file from an external site and thereafter install it.
  • Go to the Home screen on your emulator where you will find the Smule App. Click on it to run the app. On running the app for the first time, you will be prompted to sign up for the app. Follow the instructions on the screen to sign up. Once you have signed up successfully on Smule, you can start using the app.

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Smule is a great karaoke app for those who like to sing in Karaoke. While original Karaoke sets are very costly, and not so convenient to use. The Smule app is free of cost and can be used anywhere anytime. You need a high-speed active internet connection to upload the videos or download the latest filters for your videos.

Getting the option to use the Smule app on your PC makes it a lot easier for Smule users. Choosing a good emulator can be a bit tough but if you have good knowledge about the hardware specification of your Computer then it won’t be an issue.


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